Welcome to Whanganui Bay. Climbing access to the area is by the grace of Ngāti Te Maunga and the Whanganui Bay Māori Reservation Trust and in partnership with the NZAC. Please comply with all access notices and restrictions in order for this privilege to continue into the future.

Climber registration

You must register and pay for every day you intend to access Whanganui Bay.

After registering you will receive an email receipt, please have this available on a mobile device and be prepared to show it if asked for proof of your registration.

Access points

Access tracks are shown here. Climbers are not permitted to access any other parts of the Whanganui Bay reservation without written permission from the Whanganui Bay Māori Reservation Trust.

Camping, parking

No camping or parking except in designated areas, as shown here. Strictly no parking on the access road.

Access times

Walking access is permitted at any time on any day that you have a valid registration.

Car access (i.e. travel in or out) is not permitted anywhere between the Mangakara car parking area and the lakefront between 8pm and 7am.

Climber responsibilities

You must read and comply with:

Whanganui Bay registration terms
NZAC’s Code of Conduct for climbers

NO: Fires | Fishing | Littering | Drugs | Dogs | Guns | Drones

Failure to abide by these may result in loss of access for you or for all climbers.

No commercial use

Access for commercial operators and clients is not permitted without written permission from the Whanganui Bay Māori Reservation Trust.


As a visitor to this area, please show the land and people who live here the deserved respect.

If you have any issues or concerns, please contact NZAC: [email protected]